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NMCP Schemes :
» Marketing support/Assistance to MSMEs (Bar Code)
» Support for Enterpreneurial and Managerial devlopment of SMEs through Incubators
» Enabling manufacturing sector to be competitive through Quality Management Standard and quality tech.tools (QMS/QTT)
» Building awareness on intellectual property rights (IPR) for MSME
» Lean manufacturing competitiveness scheme for MSMEs
» Mini tool room proposed to set up by Ministry of MSME (MTR)
» Design clinic scheme for design expertise to MSMEs manufacturing sector (DESIGN)
» Marketing assistance and technology upgradation schemes in MSMEs
» Technology and quality upgradation support to MSMEs
» Promotion of ICT in India manufacturing sector (ICT)
MSE-CDP Scheme :
Other Schemes :
» Capacity Building
» ISO 9001 / ISO14001 / HACCP (ISO Reimbursement Scheme)